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Rain In The Valley

The snow is gone (for now) and we have rain. I am continuing work on new things and have had to work in my perfume lab this week. I have one new perfume to launch and wanted to get it out there before the end of the month. I mention it here because it is inspired by one of my paintings that is inspired by Virginia Woolfs, A Room Of Ones Own. A line on a page to be precise. Virginia Woolf is know to have hated perfume, yet a few perfumes have been created in honor of her, or one of her characters.

My composition takes in to account "literally" her disdain for scent, an un-perfume that makes use of flower notes that don't really smell like flowers.

Not to give it all away. More will be forthcoming on my SOIVOHLE PERFUMES insta account.

PAINTING: As I have been working on both Jazz Series and Shoshin Series (like) [paintings in the studio, it seems that they are morphing into something all their own. Maybe not a series at all, just paintings.

That's where I plan to leave it as things progress. In the meantime here is what's on the wall right now.

Finished?? maybe. Will know more next time I see it.

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