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Since an early age I have been playing psychoanalyst through my work, and the patient has always been me. 

I was the odd kid, the one with my face in a book, fascinated by all things different.

My folks were conservative, middle class, southern transplanted midwestern suburbanites. Looking back I can see that they also wanted to fit in, so when I showed an interest in something they encouraged it. From dance classes, to baton twirling, learning an instrument, they ponied up the cash. When I showed an interest in art they went all in on private lessons that led to more prestigious acceptance into art programs and later classes at the museum. I was just a kid and I was lucky, because this would be the glue that held it all together for me. 

I worked early on as a graphic artist for newspapers and print publications. This is where my love of graphics began, and continues thru my work with the new series of POP ART CATS and ICONS.  I have also been a full time painter for more than thirty years. Exhibited with galleries, museums and have my work placed in corporate and private collections around the world. 

The Work: I tend to work in series. Not always intentional, it's a way to map out an idea or explore a subject in more detail. Repetition is boring, so changing things up is a way to keep the work fresh and the ideas moving forward. 


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