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Since an early age I have been playing psychoanalyst through my work, and the patient has always been me. 

I was the odd kid, the one with my face in a book, fascinated by all things different.

My folks were conservative, middle class, southern transplanted midwestern suburbanites. Looking back I can see that they also wanted to fit in, so when I showed an interest in something they encouraged it. From dance classes, to baton twirling, learning an instrument, they ponied up the cash. When I showed an interest in art they went all in on private lessons that led to more prestigious acceptance into art programs and later classes at the museum. I was just a kid and I was lucky, because this would be the glue that held it all together for me. 

I worked early on as a graphic artist for newspapers and print publications. This is where my love of graphics began, and continues thru my work with the new series of POP ART CATS and ICONS.  I have also been a full time painter for more than thirty years. Exhibited with galleries, museums and have my work placed in corporate and private collections around the world. 

The art world has been going through some big changes these past years and I am moving into a new normal with my work.

Now taking more control with sales and projects, we here in Zorn world have been putting our heads together to revamp this website and make a lot of things more accessible to a wider range of individuals. 

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