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New Year New Rules

Updated: Jan 14

The new year has started off with a bang. I am feeling pretty good and I am finally able to finish up some of the work from last year. I had a lot of down time due to illness, and wasn't sure how things would turn out. Feeling the urge to mad dash through everything, so looking at a lot of things that were left unfinished, deciding on what to tackle first.

All of the collage paintings are finished, and I am now going to take a look at the series of small minimalist scapes that I started last summer.

It is a bit of a departure from my "white paintings" but something that I keep going back to. Not sure where it will go, or if I even stick with it. Old habits are hard to break. so we will see.

SHOSHIN: Revisiting this series. The original series, created in my downtown studio, were oil and cold wax on wood. These new paintings are much larger, the first ones are in acrylic on canvas. Feeling a different vibe in this space. For the current offerings and motivation, it feels more like a reconnecting to my morning practice, yoga and wellness. I had been getting ahead of myself, and it has not been a productive time. It happens.

New: In progress 60x60 Acrylic 2024

Metta (meditation) 30x30, oil cold wax on cradled birch. 2015

Art For Sale: Small works and works on paper we usually ship direct from the studio. Prints: fulfilled off-site. I do have some prints in the studio, but they are a mix from past series and photographs.

Art on Canvas: I work with two online galleries for my larger pieces. We have had great success with them over the years and it is worth it to us, as it allows for more exposure for the work and is an effective deterrent to scammers, who seem to be everywhere all the time. In the area: Cincinnati, check out ADC Fine Art. They have several pieces in their downtown gallery. Also by visiting my studio.

...........Check out the shop links for our list of galleries.

Studio Hours: I am usually in the studio weekdays in the afternoons. I do not have regular hours like some of the other studios and shops in our building, so it is by chance or appointment.

There are a lot of events at the art center, and we do try and open the studio for some of them. Best to check out the social FB page etc, for events postings.

CLASSES/WORKSHOPS I have not made any decisions about classes for the 2024 season. I am making some changes to my studio layout now, to include more area for painting/classes??. The space that was occupied by my olfactory work, has yet to be repurposed. Taking it slow, so that I do not end up with something that "Needs Fixing" again later on.

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