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This is a list of trusted art galleries that I have been working with for years. They have been consistently reliable and aboveboard.

Where there is a pricing discrepancy with same works it is due to the shipping requirements. The base price of all art is the same across the board. 

We are also able to  work with them and their clients on commissioned and collaborative projects. This works well for long distance projects. For local/regional projects we work one on one. By appointment... 

Saatchi Art online - We have been working with saatchi for years. They have sold several paintings, both large and small with no problems. Currently available, Collage art pieces.


Zatista - This gallery of curated artworks has been a good partner for us, and have placed works in both residential and commercial spaces over the years. Currently available, Collage art pieces and works from the Jazz Series (oil on canvas).

These works are also listed with Artsy and 1st Dibs.

ADC Gallery - Cincinnati, Ohio, A selection of  Liz Zorn works are available through their website and by visiting one of their locations. Works shown at ADC are exclusive to their gallery. 

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