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ART PRINTS - Are printed to order on a variety of surfaces. From Metal to paper prints, canvas prints and framed prints. 

When you place an order for an Art Print, it will be fulfilled and shipped directly to you. We do  not handle any of the actual printing. 

SIGNED PRINTS - Are printed to order in our Ohio studio. They are hand signed and dated. These are Fine Art Prints that come to you printed with professional archival epson inks on museum quality paper. 

You will notice there are two shopping carts at the top of the page. When you order from the Signed Prints, that cart will send your order directly to us.

When you order from Art Prints (print on demand), that purchase will go directly to the printers, who specialize in fine art printing, they will handle the rest of your processing, such as packing, shipping and tracking.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly.

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